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Winner of Best Short Film At the 2024 IndieX Film Festival, the short film from Colombia, NEA, celebrated the New York Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival with three screenings. This 22-minute film is a Comedy/Drama/Thriller, a mix of several genres that I think is quite creative. What I discovered by the end of the short is that I wanted to know more about the characters. I wonder if there is a feature in the future.

When I started viewing the short, a beautiful, almost romantic song in Spanish was on that I do not know the name of, but I turned up the volume to enjoy it, thinking there would be more of this genre.  Juan Cammarano (“Vanderpump Rules” TV series) is credited with “additional music” on IMDb and is credited as in the Music Department. I want to give credit where credit is due, as the rest of the music in the short is more Rap en Espanol and it fits the script so well. I say all this as the initial song took me one place and the real story supported by the other songs takes the audience in a different direction.  

Synopsis: A hot-headed taxi driver in Medellín has to repair his boss’ AC at 5 AM. He is tested by a series of misfortunes, leading him on a self-questioning path.

Filmmakers Alex Ulises (Idiosincrasia) and Nelson Gonzalez Navarrete (A la Calle) co-wrote, co-directed and co-edited this short film. The story takes the viewer on a journey about this taxi driver who is involved in so much more than that one industry. What I took away from this short is how and what happens to this taxi driver as he juggles all he is supposed to do and managing the extracurricular activities. He knows he has to do what he is told and depending on what it is, he is a thug, or he is sweet.

Cast: Julián Sanchéz, Franko Garcia, Luis Anthony Tamayo, Angelo Steven Mazón

Producer: Jesus Peña

Cinematographer: Camilo Gutier

Executive Producer: Jose N. Silva

Co-Producer: Andres Felipe Vega & Daniel Mejia

Production Designer: Laura Eusse & Valentina Tangarife

Costumer Designer: Felipe Cardenas

Hair & Makeup: Maria Alejandra Henao

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy Rating: PG-13 for language

Short | Colombia | 22 MINUTES | Spanish | English subtitles

Source: Códigos, LLC