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The short, Quiero Estrellarme En Seco Contra El Parabrisas Del Amor (2024) – English title: I Want to Violently Crash into the Windshield of Love, is a 14-minute short from Mexico. It is a portrait of an underground rapper in Mexico told through a collective filmmaking approach. It is written and directed by Fernanda Tovar. Spanish / English subtitles

Themes: Women, Documentary, Drama, LGBTQIA+, Music, Narrative, Latinx/Latin American

La Güera, a young rapper from Mexico City, struggles with her ability to rap after a heartbreak. Despite attending freestyle sessions with friends, she struggles to regain her lyrical prowess. Seeking solace, she turns to a forest-dwelling shamanic friend for unconventional healing. Through a transformative encounter with forest crickets, she confronts her pain and emerges with newfound liberation.

Cast: La Güera, Pau Sitar, La Bruja, Thamvora, Mari Jane, Salma Sánchez

This is a great short that shows the world their creativity and the impact of how love can have an impact on it. She gathers with the community of friends who are of support and lift her up, but still can’t unblock what she feels. Despite the continued efforts, she resorts to alternative healing, spending time in nature and manages to get back into the swing of things.

I liked viewing the scenes of creativity, as well as the everyday life they live. There are shots of scenes in the city that give a bit of perspective of what surrounds them in the city. There are different genres of music to be heard in the city, dancing in the plazas, but La Güera and company continue to compose and sing the lyrics they write.

The English translations of the lyrics are good, but I understood the Spanish lyrics as well as I viewed the film. It was good to hear the lyrics sung in Spanish and it had a deeper meaning for me.

There is one more screening at Tribeca: Saturday June 15 – 2:30 PM at AMC 19th St. East 6

Crew: Cinematographer: Rosa Hadit, Composer: Isaac Soto, David Arredondo, Editor: Francisco Borrajo, José Pablo Escamilla, Sound Design: Gerardo Martínez, Sound: Nina Guadarrama

Executive Producer: Colectivo Colmena, Producer: Daniel Loustaunau, Associate Producer: Promenades Films

Colectivo Colmena is a film collective from Mexico, founded in 2015 by a group of independent filmmakers who have worked together for the last ten years.

Source: Tribeca FF, Colectivo Colmena, Promenades Films